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About Us

Community Arts Sustaining Academics(CASA) is an initiative by the National Museum of Mexican Art to promote After School and During School Art programming focusing on engaging students to pursue the Art’s and explore Mexican Identity, through Education.


Our mission is to educate and strengthen the future artists of our communities by providing resources to neighborhood schools that allow them to engage students to pursue the Art’s and explore Mexican Identity. Through the National Museum of Mexican Art, CASA  provides after/ during school programming targeting Diverse Schools and focusing on areas such as Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Digital Arts and Parent Development. CASA continues to work on a road that combines Art, Education and Community; we have been able to provide Community Classes, Events and Workshops to further our mission.  We continue to give students the opportunity to not only grow into artists but also grow into leaders.



CASA will support creative individualism through Classes, Performances, Exhibitions and Public Art. Through these efforts we hope to help students learn about their roots and move past the stereotypes of our society and improve the Social Emotional Learning of our Communities.

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