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Our Initiatives

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Community Arts Sustaining Academics

This CASA initiative is funded by the Illinois State Board of Education, allowing us to bring visual and performing arts programming to 10 Neighborhood Schools across Illinois.

Current Partners

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Stevenson Logo_4x.png
Solorio Logo_1_4x.png
Drexel Logo_4x.png
Washington Logo_4x.png

Washington Dual
Language School

Calmeca Logo_1_4x.png
Lincoln Logo_4x.png

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School

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Sherlock Logo_4x.png

Sherlock Elementary School

Collumbu- Logo_4x.png

Columbus West Elementary School

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CASA Connection

CASA | Connection is an initiative in partnership with neighborhood schools to engage students to pursue the Arts and explore Mexican Identity.

Current Partners

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Whittier Logo_4x.png
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